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If you’re the type of person who carries cards instead of cash, you might want to look into buying a credit card sleeve. Credit card sleeves are a minimalist alternative to leather wallets that are becoming more attractive to people looking to minimize how much cash they carry. Credit card sleeves can also be used as additional RFID protection for individuals looking to protect the credit cards in their wallet.

How do I protect my credit card in my wallet?

If you own a valuable or treasured card collection, be they baseball cards, Pokémon cards, or any other type, penny sleeves are a great way to store, sort, and protect your collection all at once. Known as “penny sleeves” because of their low cost, these sealable plastic rectangle-shaped pockets hold one card at a time and protect them from stains from your fingerprints, crumbs, and liquids. They also safeguard your cards from becoming ripped, torn, or scratched, as well as the colors, writing, and pictures from rubbing off or peeling over time, and other hazards of consistent handling. They’re great for mass storage as well, as you can buy hundreds at once for a low price. If you’re a card game enthusiast or serious card collector, a pack of penny sleeves is a worthwhile and low-cost investment to help keep your collection safe.

What to Look for in Penny SleevesComputer mice have been around in one form or another for the better part of 50 years (or longer, based on your definition of invention), and for most of that time they’ve been paired with mouse pads. But modern optical and laser mice can track on just about any surface, unless you’re somehow using your computer on a sand bed. So do those nerdy-looking pads even serve a purpose anymore?

We have a variety of paper stationery boxes that come in many different stationery sizes, to help you find a fit that works for you. We carry two types of paper card boxes, including:

We carry boxes in nearly every common and uncommon stationery size, including several popular box options that include:

  • Kraft Paper Window Boxes — Kraft recycled paper with a high clarity window to help your cards stand out.

  • Two Piece Folding Boxes — Paper boxes that come in several different styles, and can be ordered with a clear cover to maximize sales.

Paper boxes are a classic way to package stationery. They have a timeless quality that makes them very popular as display packaging and temporary storage.

We sell all of our paper boxes wholesale, and our prices are some of the most competitive available. Find your paper box size today, or browse our website to find more information about other stationery box products.


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