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Car Polishing: Ceramic Coating vs Paint Protection Film Temporary Job

Dec 16th, 2021 at 10:34   Engineering   Balş   34 views
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Motorist takes a closer look at what car polishing, Ceramic Coating, and Car Paint Protection Film do for you, and sees if there's more to them than meets the eye.

During the recent Circuit Breaker, many car owners were left wondering if they were permitted to wash their cars within HDB compounds. It is evident that we Singaporean drivers really pride ourselves in ensuring our vehicles look good despite not being able to leave our homes.

Investigate these five ways window film could benefit your building.

1) Less Glare and Lower Bills

Some window films can block different parts of the solar spectrum to minimize glare, heat and dangerous UV rays, Smith explains.

Sunlight contains three parts:

  • Ultraviolet radiation – the part that contributes to skin cancer and fades interiors. This section makes up about 3 percent of the sunlight spectrum, according to Smith.

  • Visible light – literally, the part that you see. This section is about 44 percent of the total and is responsible for causing glare.

  • Near infrared light – which is invisible but contributes to heat gain. This makes up the other 53 percent of the spectrum.

Understanding the difference between these qualities is key to selecting the right window film if solar control is a priority, Smith explains.

Products today will block 65 percent of the heat and allow 65 percent visibility,” Smith says. “Think of the windshield of a car. They’re equipped with factory-tinted glass that looks almost clear, and by law that can’t be darker than 70 percent visibility. This window film is almost that light but would block 65 percent of the heat coming through because it has high infrared reflectance.”

Large banks of windows are a popular building amenity, but the extra daylight can seem like a double-edged sword on sunny days.Understanding the difference between these qualities is key to selecting the right window film if solar control is a priority, Smith explains.In my country, the pace of architectural film started relatively late, and the intensity of development is not very strong, but with the continuous improvement of the economy, this trend is constantly approaching. In fact, architectural film has become a common product in the construction industry abroad, and its application has become universal. However, due to economic constraints, my country’s acceptance of it was relatively late. It was not introduced until the late 1980s to the early 1990s. At the beginning, its development speed was relatively slow, until the energy began to light up. At that time, people began to have a new understanding of architectural membranes, and it was at this time that it began to be applied to buildings, coupled with its unique characteristics such as: individual performance can be adapted to the different needs of different people , Which can better reflect the needs of people.


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