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Food And Agriculture Testing Full-time Job

Feb 16th, 2023 at 07:12   IT & Telecoms   Satu Mare   28 views
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Food And Agriculture Testing Overview: The Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer is based on the classic Kjeldahl method, which has a wild range of uses. It is a special instrument for detecting nitrogen content in seeds, dairy products, beverages, feed, soil and other agricultural and sideline products. Besides, this device has designed by the method of Kjeldahl with an automatic nitrogen measurement distillation system so as to achieve the function of accurate test. On the other hands, Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer is easy to operate which can add water, distill and alkalify automatically to save your time and it adopts alarm system if it detects the water level fault or the excessive current etc., which will alarm you to avoid the potential dangers. It鈥檚 also equipped with a big display screen and the detection speed is very fast compared with other devices. If you鈥檙e interested in our products, welcome to contact us. Feature: 1. It adopts special spray-coated steel shell, which is beautiful and practical. The acid-base contact parts are made of mirror stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and durable 2. Automatic water replenishment function, the liquid receiving volume can be adjusted arbitrarily 3. Advanced water-saving function design can save a lot of tap water, and advocate new concepts of energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection 4. With the steam generator, the water level is controlled by the all-stainless steel electric heating tube, which is corrosion resistant and durable; the water shortage alarm is automatic 5. The use of a dedicated integrated circuit control system can meet the safe use of different water quality in different regions, ensure normal operation without changing distilled water for a long time, save a lot of distilled water, reduce test costs, and achieve the goal of fast, accurate, and low consumption 6. The splash-proof tube is made of special high-performance acid and alkali resistant plastic, which is better than normal galss Parameter: No.ModelKDN-812 1Determination range0.1 ~ 240.0mg nitrogen 2Sample weightThe empirical value is 0.3 ~ 8.0g solid and 2.0 ~ 30.0ml liquid 3accuracyRelative difference 0.3% 4RepeatabilityParallel difference 鈮?0.2% 5Recovery rate鈮?9.5% 6Measuring speed3-8 min / sample 7Distillation time0 ~ 9999 seconds arbitrary setting 8MicropumpFour micro pumps are built in to extract reagents independently; 9Splash tubeHigh performance acid and alkali resistant plastic mold is used for one-time molding; 10Condensate consumption1.4L/min 11Operation modeManual and automatic distillation and titration mode 12Display7 inch LCD ultra fine color screen 13Control modeTouch type 14Power1200W 15Power supply220V卤10%,50HZ锝?0HZ 16Dimensions400脳370脳740(mm) 17Weight30kgFood And Agriculture Testing website:http://www.china-labequipment.com/food-and-agriculture-testing/

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