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Nuts Full-time Job

Feb 1st, 2023 at 04:19   Public Service   Satu Mare   272 views
Job Details

Nuts Hex nuts are used in conjunction with screws and bolts to connect parts. ASME ANSI hex nut covers the dimensional requirements of inch series hex nut. The common standard of ASME/ANSI hex nut is ASME B18.2.2. It includes normal hex nut, hex thin nut, hex thick nut and heavy hex nut. The size from 1/4-4" diameter. DIN standard is DIN934. Hex nut is widely used, mainly in the field of machinery and equipment, construction, automobile, railway and other industries. The mechanical property has grade 2, grade 5, grade 8 for inch series, grade 4, grade 8, grade 10, grade 12 for metric series. Jiangsu Jinrui metal products Co., Ltd. is one of the leading hex nut manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to buy hex nuts from our factories and companies. Features and Advantages of Hex Nuts 1. The hex nuts produced by our company all use the raw materials from well-known steel mills, and corresponding material reports can be provided. 2. The size has wide range, such as from M3-M90. 3. The hex nuts is made of high-quality steel, it has high thread precision, It is very smooth when matched with the bolt. 4. Grade of hex nuts meets ISO standard, such as ISO898. Also our hex nuts has beautiful coating with good corrosion resistance. The toughness of the product covered with the coating will also be strengthened and will be more durable. Production Process of Hex Nuts Specification of Hex Nuts dM1M1.2M1.4M1.6(M1.7)M2(M2.3)M2.5(M2.6)M3(M3.5) PUNC0. UNF/////////// UNF/////////// mmax0.811. min0.550.750.951.051.151.351.551.751.752.152.55 mwmin0.440.60.760.840.921. smax2.5333.23.544.5555.56 min2. e 鈶?/strong>min2.713.283.283.413.824.324.885.455.456.016.58 *----------- dM4M5M6(M7)M8M10M12(M14)M16(M18)M20 PUNC0.70.8111.251.51.75222.52.5 UNF//// UNF/////1.251.25//21.5 mmax3.2455.56.581011131516 min2. mwmin2.322.963.764.164.916.117.718.249.8411.4411.92 smax78101113171922242730 min6.787.789.7810.7312.7316.7318.6721.6723.6726.1629.16 e 鈶?/strong>min7.668.7911.0512.1214.3818.921.124.4926.7529.5632.95 *----------- d(M22)M24(M27)M30(M33)M36(M39)M42(M45)M48(M52) PUNC2.5333.53.5444.54.555 UNF1.52222333333 UNF2////////// mmax1819222426293134363842 min16.917.720.722.724.727.429.432.434.436.440.4 mwmin13.5214.1616.5618.1619.7621.9223.5225.927.529.132.3 smax3236414650556065707580 min313540454953.858.863. e 鈶?/strong>min35.0339.5545.250.8555.3760.7966.4471.376.9582.688.25 *----------- dM56(M60)M64(M68)M72(M76)M80(M85)M90M100 PUNC5.55.566////// UNF4444666666 UNF////444444 mmax45485154586164687280 min43.446.449. mwmin34.737.139.341.744.947.349.752.956.162.5 smax859095100105110115120130145 min82.887.892.897.8102.8107.8112.8117.8127.5142.5 e 鈶?/strong>min93.5699.21104.86110.51116.16121.81127.46133.11144.08161.02 *---------- Common Grade and Coating StandardMaterialGradeFinishThread DIN934 HED BOLT GB6170 HEX BOLT ASME B 18.2.2 HEXBOLTcarbon steel4 8 10 12 OR ASME 2 5 8PlainUNC Zinc plated Alloy steelYellow zinc plated PTFE Stainless steelBlack OxideUNF Dacromet OtherHDG Other Application Area of Hex Nuts The application range of the products produced by the company is very wide. For example, hex nuts are used in the fields of petrochemical industry, automobile manufacturing, construction, pressure piping, rail transit, steel structure engineering, large-scale power generation machinery facilities and infrastructure. Of course, in some specific positions in these areas, some other products will also be used, such as rail bolts, flange nuts, U-bolts, flat head hexagon bolts, T-bolts, hex bolts and round head Hex bolts , etc.Nuts website:http://www.jinruibolt.com/nuts/

Company Description
Development History 2009-2012, We are working with materials provided by the customers 2013-2015, We set up our the foreign trade department and register our own brand. we attend trade shows and accumulate our customers. 2016-2019,we build ouw design team. 2020-2022, Our annual value of production reach to 30million,which meet the standards of enterprise above designated size of our government In the future,we will be committed to the research and development of our brand product, to provide better service for you Company Certificate SEDEX Certification Disney Human Rights Fama Certificate BSCI Business License Company Honor INNOVATIVE ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR 2021 Working Environment We provide every member a good ,tidy and clean working place Competitive Advantage We have our own production lines from printing to packing which can cut down the costs; we have a one-on-one service to make you feel right at home; professional inspection of product quality, to ensure that the goods you receive are of high quality Industry Status It鈥檚 certainly that we are one of the TOP 50 bag manufacturer Company Philosophy We take quality & reputation as our surviving way, customer & quality are always the firstfashion Laminated Polypropylene Tote Bags website:http://www.bestwinbag.com/