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PVC Mesh Chair Full-time Job

Nov 25th, 2022 at 08:02   Engineering   Braşov   9 views
Job Details
Fuel Station Underground Pipeline System
M & C brand pipework is one kind of thermoplastic composite pipeline for underground installation at petrol filling stations. It can not only solve the problems of eccentric wear and corrosion, but also prolong the service life of double-layer composite pipes in gas stations to a certain extent, and can also detect whether the pipes leak through the space between the inner pipe and outer pipe.
The inner pipe has EVOH resin, which ensures the anti-leakage performance of the pipework and can effectively prevent the pipework from being corroded by various fuels, ethanol mixtures and additives. This feature is applicable to all fuel groups that may be encountered in the world. The inner pipe is provided with an antistatic layer to ensure the safe use.
The inner space of the double-layer structure connects all the pipes connecting the underground oil storage tank to the dispenser. When the inner pipe leaks, the fuel will flow to the lowest point of the pipe, and the leak detection device installed here will give an alarm; Or when the outer pipe leaks, the equipment will also give an alarm. Thereby ensuring the complete prevention of groundwater and eliminating the possibility of fuel spilling into the environment.
鈼?Outside Diameter:
Product Details:
Select High Quality Materials
High-quality HDPE and EVOH are selected from international high-quality raw material manufacturers. The company has a complete IQC system, which strictly inspects the purchased raw materials, and at the same time, conducts regular and phased assessment on all suppliers. Excellent raw materials ensure that the fuel permeability of the product is "0", the bursting pressure is above 2.5Mpa, and the stability of product quality is extremely high.
Due to the excellent material performance of M & C Pipework , the fuel pipeline works in the operating temperature range of 40鈩?to 50鈩? with almost zero leakage and its burst pressure exceeding 25 standard atmospheric pressure (bar), thus maintaining the safety of product use.
Advanced Technology
M & C always insists on taking science and technology as the forerunner, taking market as the guide, paying attention to scientific and technological input, improving independent innovation ability and accelerating product technological innovation. We have invested large money in research and development funds, cooperated with universities and design institutes for long-term production, education and research, and established an independent innovation platform. We set up the relevant engineering technology center for product research, development and equipment improvement.
Complete Product Categories
The products meet all use requirements of relevant scenes in the oil station system. 65/54, 75/63, 110/125 double-layer composite pipework and 54, 63, 90 , 110 single-layer composite pipelines cover all requirements of oil transportation, oil unloading, breathing pipelines and oil vapor recovery pipelines. At the same time, M & C team can also provide customized products and services for other demands generated by customers.
High Product Compatibility
All specifications of products can be butted with tank sumps and dispenser sumps, and special inlet seals can ensure the tightness of product joints. Seals are made of silicon-fluorine compound rubber, which meets the characteristics of low temperature, oil vapor corrosion and aging resistance. Excellent design ensures the reliability and convenient installation of accessories.
M & C Pipework 's rich electric fusion welding fittings can conveniently change the direction and diameter of pipelines, and provide greater flexibility and control for pipeline layout. Use a good electrofusion welding process system to connect pipes and fittings to form a seamless directly underground installation pipeline engineering system, so that the impermeability and pressure strength of welded fittings are consistent with those of pipelines. It efficient and stable electrofusion welding system make the installation convenient and quick , and is suitable for installation under various complex working conditions.waterproof Piping&Containment
Company Description
Our History
Our factory was founded in 2012, more than 10 years ago.And Our company was established in 2015,It is still developing.
Our Factory
Our factory covers an area of 6,000 square meters and is located in the east of China, close to the coastal cities and the two major ports of Shanghai and Ningbo. The transportation is very convenient, and there are 8 production lines in the production workshop.
Our Product
Taizhou Anerte Rope Net Belt Co., Ltd is an enterprise specializing in the production of Sporting Goods and Outdoor Products for kids. Our main products are Ninja Slackline for kids, Battle Rope, Climbing Rope, Winch Rope, Tow Rope, Climbing Rope Swing, Rock Climbing Holds, and all kinds of Outdoor Swing for kids.
Product Application
Our products are widely used in fitness industry, outdoor adventure, children's outdoor amusement equipment, indoor leisure entertainment facilities, etc.
Production Equipment
Our investment in machinery exceeds 5 million dollars.We have 5 large injection molding machines, as well as rope tying machines, sewing machines, printing machines, ring cutters, pipe benders, and so on.
Production Market
Our products are widely sold all over the world, such as in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and more, and are deeply recognized and loved by people in more than 50 countries.China Rock Climbing Rope factory