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Jan 14th, 2022 at 08:01   Engineering   Balş   197 views
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Am a complete novice here, so any advice greatfully recieved. What I want to do is fit headlight auto leveling to a vehicle, sounds simple, well it's a 4x4 so random bits of potentiometers and mechanical links dangling below don't appeal. Thinking outside my comfort zone and doing some research I came across the Arduino and VW headlight level sensor. So the question is would it be practicle and / or possible to use an Arduino to read the output of a pair of these ultrasonic sensors to determin the vehicle pitch angle relative to the road surface and automatically adjust the headlight level acordingly? Obviously the Arduino would have to be satndalone once programmed. The reason for this project is that HID headlights legally require to be automatically self leveled. It does not require to adjust with any great speed, and as a minimum it must adjust at the start of a trip to take acount of the vehicle load, although dynamic leveling would be nice.


A system for automatic headlight leveling control in BMW headlight level sensor which are offset in the longitudinal direction for measuring the vehicle body pitch angle in the form of a level difference. An electronic control unit determines a desired value for the headlight adjustment as a function of the first derivative of the directly measured or further processed level difference. In one embodiment of the invention, electronic control unit determines a static level difference and a dynamic level difference, and the desired value is determined as a function of the first derivative or the second derivative of the dynamic level difference.This article will first discuss how level sensors work, which information is measured and evaluated and what special characteristics the Benz headlight level sensor have.


Level sensor evaluation for comfort and safety functions

This control signal, also known as a transfer function (TF), is the common language of the LAND ROVER headlight level sensor, which converts the mechanical movement of the chassis into a signal, and the control unit, which receives the signal and calculates the mechanical change based on it. The X-axis of the TF always represents the position and the Y-axis always represents the signal. This transfer function can differ depending on the customer, control unit and chassis. The transfer function is transmitted both to the front headlight beam adjuster control unit and the chassis control unit, where it is analyzed as described and used for dynamic adjustment of the respective function.

The variety of vehicle types means each sensor requires a customer-specific mechanical and electrical interface. This must be compact. For this reason, the plug connectors have a modular design and differ from customer to customer. The lever also differs from vehicle to vehicle. This means there is a large amount of variation in assembly. All these conditions require flexibility in design and manufacture of the sensors while maintaining quality. The sensor systems are robust, completely redundant, fully end-of-line programmed and traceable. Over nearly fourteen years, Swoboda has manufactured many millions of Toyota headlight level sensor for numerous different customers and vehicles and they are currently in their third generation.


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