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What Is A Bubble Wrap? Full-time Job

Jan 6th, 2022 at 10:25   Marketing & Communication   Baia Mare   241 views
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What Is A Bubble Wrap?

Bubble Wrap is essentially a plastic sheet comprising air bubbles that people use to safeguard things while being sent or moved by post from one place to another. The presence of air bubbles protects against any harm to fragile goods during moving or shipping. Bubble Wrap is usually sold in rolls, sheets and is often entrenched into mailing envelopes.


How to Make Use of Bubble Wrap?

Below we will explain step-by-step instructions on how to use Bubble Wrap for the packaging.

Wrap Your Good on a Clean and Flat Surface

Locate a clean and flat surface to package your goods for shipping. Ensure that you have ample space for the merchandise you want to ship off and your packaging materials like the Bubble Wrap rolls. Also, it is wise to ensure that you also have sufficient space to tape, fold, and secure your item without always moving countertop decorations or desk wear.

Lay Out Bubble Wrap so that its Bubble Side is Facing Upwards

Ensure that you lay out the Bubble Wrap in a way such that the bubble side of the sheet is facing upwards. In this manner, the air pockets will be able to efficiently do their job and safeguard your fragile goods during transit. The air bubbles will most probably pop during shipping if they are facing out. That defeats the objective of making use of bubble wrap in the very first place.

Surround Product with Bubble Wrap Generously

Do not make the mistake of skimping on utilising Bubble Wrap for the items you need to ship. Customers tend to get annoyed when they have to wait several days (or even weeks at times!) for their packages to arrive, only to find out that the goods inside are damaged or broken. That will tarnish your brand’s reputation in the long run, as more consumers will call to ask you about your return policy. Bear in mind that to completely safeguard your merchandise during transit, it is very likely that you will require need more than the original packing material. As a case to point, while small-sized Bubble Wrap can safeguard your TV screen from getting spoiled and scratched, you might also require some foam product to assist in preventing impact damage. That helps ensure that the TV will not get damaged during transit if the package is jostled or dropped accidentally.

Close Gently and Seal Box for Transit

After wrapping the merchandise in Bubble Wrap (and any other packaging materials such as desiccants to protect against moisture), all there is left to do is seal the shipping box, and it is ready for transit!

Benefits for Utilising Bubble Wrap for Packing

The following are some of the many advantages of using Bubble Wrap for packing purposes before shipping the items.

You can Use Your Bubble Wrap Again and Again.

Do not just discard your Bubble Wrap away when you are done with it. One of the most significant benefits of using Bubble Wrap for packing is that you can reuse it multiple times unless it has been considerably damaged. As long as the majority of the air bubbles are undamaged, you can conveniently make use of your Bubble Wrap repeatedly to safeguard your most valuable goods and products that are in transit. This makes Bubble Wrap a drastically more environmentally friendly choice than some packaging types challenging to reuse. Furthermore, the fact that you can reuse Bubble Wrap several times offers you substantial cost savings.

Bubble Wrap is Very Adaptable and Versatile

Bubble Wrap can protect and insulate almost small cargo types. You can easily cut it using scissors into any form that you require. Large bubble wrap sheets are sufficiently malleable to protect and wrap several kinds of differently shaped cargo effectively. Furthermore, the applications of bubble wrap outside the domain of shipping are extensive as well. A few folks even make use of it to pad the windows of their house in the summer. The possibilities are truly limitless with a modicum of creativity!

A Very Lightweight Option

When it comes to packaging materials (void fill), Bubble Wrap happens to be one of the lightest materials available. Its structure comprises mainly of air, with some ultra-lightweight plastic layers for more excellent durability. That makes it a considerably lightweight packaging material and can help you save tremendously in shipping expenses, mainly if you are shipping large volumes. When you are shipping by weight, less packaging translates into reduced costs and potentially modest fuel expenses when you send sizeable amounts of merchandise. Another alternative to Bubble Wrap would be to use air packs for shipping to help save warehouse space.

Other Bubble Wrap Applications

Apart from using it to wrap products for shipping, here are some other Bubble Wrap applications.

Padding Knees

Weeding, planting, and other kinds of garden work can need a certain amount of kneeling, which can be painful and uncomfortable. A perfect solution is to fold a big Bubble Wrap piece into a rectangle and use it in the capacity of a kneeling pad. The extra cushioning will relieve your joints, as well as your pants.

Protecting Plants

Safeguard your tender plants and newly planted seeds from the frost in the colder months by covering and wrapping them up with Bubble Wrap. The air pockets will heat up under the sun’s rays during the daytime, acting as a greenhouse to keep the soil and plant warm.

Air Pillow Wrapping

Air Pillow wrapping is an alternate solution to Bubble Wraps. The packaging wrapping solution is also a lightweight air-filled packaging option. However, it is not for wrapping and cushioning products like bubble wrap. Unlike Bubble Wrap, Air Pillows focus more on blocking and bracing products from any impacts in the shipping boxes. Moreover, Air Pillows are identifiable as they have larger air chambers than smaller air cells in a Bubble Wrap.

The Air Pillow typically comes in strings with appropriate numbers or air chambers or pillows. The aim is to secure an item in place and prevent it from shifting within or hitting the sides of the box during shipment or handling. The Air Pillow packaging can be used for many different products or items. The only precaution you must take is to use enough air pillows to prevent braces. However, Air Pillows do need additional packaging equipment, i.e., a maintenance-free mistral machine. This is a compact, efficient, reliable, and user-friendly solution you can easily integrate into your existing packaging system.

In a study published this week in Environmental Science and Technology, researchers put supposedly eco-friendly bags made from various organic and plastic materials and sourced from U.K. stores to the test. After three years buried in garden soil, submerged in ocean water, exposed to open light and air or stashed in a laboratory, none of the bags broke down completely in all the environments.

In fact, the biodegradable bags that had been left underwater in a marina could still hold a full load of groceries.

“What is the role of some of these really innovative and novel polymers?” asked Richard Thompson, a marine biologist from the University of Plymouth and the study’s senior author. A polymer is a repeating chain of chemicals that makes up a plastic’s structure, whether biodegradable or synthetic.

“They’re challenging to recycle and are very slow to degrade if they become litter in the environment,” Thompson said, suggesting these biodegradable plastics may be causing more problems than they solve.

Want to know what makes biodegradable tableware so popular and a better alternative to plastic tableware? Discover them in this article.
Biodegradable tableware – an alternative to plastic cutlery, compostable, chemical-free, attractive shapes and easy decomposing tactics. With countless benefits and eco-friendly existence, it is seldom surprising that biodegradable tableware is so popular amidst the green enthusiasts as a better alternative to plastic cutlery.

This eco-friendly disposable tableware combines the flexibility and convenience of disposability with the durability and the benefit of being fully biodegradable. It has a positive impact on nature rather than harming it. Here are some of the most amazing facts about using biodegradable plates, straws, bowls, spoons, and forks that would make you switch to using them right now:

1. Nurtures the Nature

Oh yes! You heard it right. And many of you must be scratching your head thinking how? So, here it is. Because these products are made from natural elements like sugarcane pulp, they do not release any poisonous chemicals into the soil, unlike plastic. In fact, they can get decomposed naturally, resulting in nurturing the soil.

2. Renewable Base Material

Biodegradable plates are made from sustainable and renewable plants, such as corn, potato starch, sugarcane pulp, and various vegetable oils. Also, they are manufactured using eco-friendly sustainable practices that do not have negative effects on the planet. The final product is toxic-free.

3. Reduce Ocean Pollution

Whales losing their lives due to plastic ingestion is no breaking news to us. This grave reality actually gives us a glimpse of in what horrendous ways we are destroying this planet by dumping our plastic waste into the ocean and killing these beautiful and innocent aquatic animals.
Every year, the ocean is polluted with 18 billion pounds of every type of single-use plastics. Plastic has become the main concern behind the destruction of our irreplaceable eco-systems, coral reefs, and marine life. The marine animals and birds consume plastic bits floating in the ocean, mistakenly. Using biodegradable tableware will reduce ocean pollution.


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What Is A Bubble Wrap?